Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Markings Part 1

Markings were added to the upper hull last night in the form of numerals.

The numbers are dry transfer lettering made by 'Lettraset', and they were cut from the sheet in a strip containing the numerals 1 to 9 and burnished onto the model with a special burnishing tool. It is essential to remember when using lettraset that once you have the number on the model to use the blue backing paper of the sheet to burnish over the number to really set it in place.

The numbers were then given a quick coat of Tamiya gloss clear to protect them.

The other job done last night was the painting of the detail on the mounting prongs. This job was done using Citadel acrylic paint 'codex grey' as it was a close match to the Tamiya neutral grey used previously. Citadel paint was used as this detail had to be brush painted and these are simply the BEST paints to brush apply, leaving no trace of brush strokes or imperfections.

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