Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mig 21PF Fishbed D 1:48

This is my latest build the Academy Mig 21 PF Fishbed D. The kit is my first decent attempt at a natural metal finish.
The Academy kit went together quite well, provided that you join the forward and aft fuselage halves first prior to joining the left and right halves.

The Natural Metal finish was applied using alclad laquers, Duralumin, dark aluminium, magnesium, aluminium, pale burnt metal and jet exhaust, all applied over a primer coat of Tamiya white surface primer. Custom colours were mixed for the Russian interior green and Russian green wheels.

The plane was sealed with Gunze clear acrylic for decalling, and the Academy decals worked file but were a little brittle. The decals were sealed in with more Gunze clear and then a very light dusting of Gunze flat (mainly on the decals) achieved the level of sheen I was after.

Weathering was taken care of with a oil paint wash for the panel lines, a little oil paint streaking from hinge points etc and some Mig (appropriately for this plane) pigment smoke for the exhaust and rocket pods.

All in all I really enjoyed this build and am very pleased with the result...... now where is that Su7????
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