Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have begun to add the'shelving' greeblies to the superstructure parts, I have done this whilst the superstructure parts are still separate, for ease of access. Once this is finished the whole superstructure and bridge neck can be glued into place.

The key to this is to be totally random, I am forever catching myself thinking symetrically!

I will try to describe and illustrate how I did this. Firstly you need some evergreen strip styrene, a few different thicknesses and a few different widths.

The styrene strips are then cut into different sized peices - be random here with the sizes that you  cut.

These are then glued to the sides of the superstructure as randomly as possible, they are also re-cut as needed to get peices sized to fit any gaps.

When I have part of the superstructure side filled I go back over it and add another layer of smaller detail bits, you can notice it look more busy.

Till next time, cheers,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Superstructure Level 2

The upper level of the superstructure has been completed, this was all constructed in the same manner as the lower levels and details scribed in.

The next job will be gluing the superstructure in place and adjusting and adding the Arvey models bridge neck and bridge.

I have 2 bridges to choose from the one pictured above is the neck bridge from the star destroyer Devestator as seen in the opening scene of  "A New Hope". This is the ship I have chasen to model as it is slightly different from the star destroyer Avenger as seen in "The Empire Strikes Back", and is not often seen in model form.

The Devestator has a different bridge face, different neck rear (no garbage chute) and different engine nozzles as well as a different main hanger bay crane, amongst a myriad of other detail differences that I wont go into. It also has a quad gun turret in the small trench notch in the rim - which is quite cool and really cool looking twin gun turrets on the sides below the superstructure.

The Arvey models parts are well cast in tan coloured resin with no visible air bubbles or flaws and I especially like the engine nozzles shape.

I feel that I could not achieve this level of detail if I scratch built these. The detailing on the bridge face is first class and will look great with a coat of paint and a wash to bring all of the detail out.

Arvey models also include the bridge shield generator domes as a separate casting as well, this is a huge relief to me as I was very worried about scratchbuilding these!!

Stay tuned for more progress...


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Superstructure Level 1

I am now leaving the undersurface for a now, whilst I construct the superstructure below the bridge area.

Again my paper plan templates were used to cut the hull plates from 1mm styrene sheet. The details were transfered onto the styrene using carbon paper and then scribed into the surface. At this point I had to refer to the Arvey models bridge support to assertain the height of the two superstructure levels. This worked out to be around 12mm and 9mm respectively.

A quick trip to the local hobby shop secured some 10mm styrene box section and some 8mm styrene 'c' channel to use for the sides of the superstructure levels.

This is the main part of the lower superstructure and it is using the 10mm styrene box section on the sides, this will greatly improve the gluing area for this part.

This is the forward part of the lower superstructure and it uses the 8mm styrene 'c' channel for the sides.

Here are the superstructure parts test fitted to the upper hull.

The sids of the superstructure will be covered with styrene strip 'shelving' and greeblies at a later date, I will probably do this and the trences at the same time to maintain a consistent look.

Here is an overhead shot of the whole show so far, getting htere slowly but surely..

Stay tuned,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Forward Shuttle Bay

Here is the forward shuttle bay completed, unfortunately all of the construction pics were too blury to use. However the shuttle bay was assembles from 4 walls and a top, these being scribed and detailed with strip styrene as required.

The main hanger door was cut out from the forward wall and a recessed door made up. The door had to be displayed closed however as I carelessly positioned an internal bulkhead in the space this hanger would occupy.

The rear wall had a couple of greeblies added (grey parts in photo above). Can you see what they are? They are 1:72 scale german infantry gas mask containers from a dragon set!

The triangular raised hull sections were cut from 2mm styrene sheet, scribed and glued into place.

These finish off and give the forward shuttle bay the correct look from the studio model references that I have.

Finally an overall view of the underside, nearing completion of thebasic construction, just the surround of the main hanger bay left to do. The entire hull top and bottom will ultimately be covered with an array of shapes cut from sheet styrene, but I plan to do this last to maintain a consistent look to the ship.

I plan to start working on the superstructur on the upper hull next - so stay tuned,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reactor Dome

I think that I had some success with the reactor dome. I used a table tennis ball and a draftsmans circle template to mark the diameter I was after onto the ball then a razor saw to carefully cut it out.

The only problem I had was that regular Tamiya extra thin glue did not affect the table tennis ball, so I had to resort to thin super glue. I have also started to add some detailing to the reactor dome, but there is more to be done. All in all I think it looks about right as far as size and height go.

I also have done a test fit of the maion hanger bay to the lower hull.

I got this to fit with just a little sanding, scraping and fiddling. I'm pretty happy with the result so far and it now just needs to have the edging shrouds made and fitted to finish it off.

My next poit of work will be the forward shuttle bay, so stay tuned....


Monday, July 12, 2010

Main Hanger Bay

After a brief but enjoyable holliday, its back to work on this project.

The lower hull is getting close, I have been searching for the right shaped dome for the main reactor. I think I have found something that will work - but more on that later.

The tapered inserts have all been completed satisfactorily, by cutting a slot in the hull tat they fit into snugly.

I'm happy with the results achieved with these.

The main hanger bay is also nearing completion, with only the hanger deck interior to be added.

More to come so stay tuned....

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