Monday, October 24, 2011

Base Part 6 Weathering

Before I get to the base, the EEV base coat has been applied in several light coats to get a nice even coverage, I have now set this aside for a few days to let the Lacquer paint cure fully before I over spray with acrylics.

The flight recorder base has received multiple coats of Tamiya clear acrylic to hide the substantial decal film. Once all of this was dry, a Mig productions dark wash was applied to all of the corners and raised detail, particularly the ridges of the silver areas. Any excess was removed with a cotton but dampened with Mig odourless Turps.

Once this was completely dry the large expanses of orange were tackled. My aim here is to try to break up the monotonous colour areas and add some subtle variations in hue and intensity.

The weapon of choice for this was 502 Abteilung oil paints, I used rust, tritone fading and German grey fading. the orange surface was first dampened with some Mig odorless turps, then small dabs of each oil colour added with a small brush randomly to the surface.

The oil paint spots were then blended in with a clean soft dry brush, a streaking motion used for the vertical sides and a swirling motion for the flat top and bottom.

An excellent video tutorial of this technique by Fitchtenfoo is available to view here.

This is now allowed to dry and more can be added until a pleasing result is attained.

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