Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alien 3 BD409 EEV Completed

The final touches to the weathering have been completed. A flay coat of Gunze clear flat was applied to the model to seal the weathering so far. Oil paint streaks were applied to the underside of the vehicle using both 501 Abteilung and windsor and newton oils.

 Some metallic shine was added to the docking ring area using a 6B lead pencil.

Once I was satisfied with this effect I added some grimy staining on selected areas to match the reference pictures using Mig Productions Industrial City Dirt pigment. This effect was also concentrated on the areas around the mounting prong holes to suggest the dirty mechanism used to attach the EEV to the Sulaco.

This was again sealed in with clear flat.

Some additional detail painting was done using Citadel acrylic paints.

The entire EEV was now ready to be wired up and mounted to the flight recorder base.

I passed my wiring through the Aluminium tube and then passed the tube through the mounting holes in the EEV and the flight recorder.

The wiring was soldered together and tested, all working well (phew)! which was a relief.

All that remains to do is to capture a quick video of the lighting effect for you to see.

So stay tuned for a video post of this soon.

Until then,


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